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Benefitting Local Equine Charities

Saturday June 1, 2024




Pre-registration by web (click here), email, or phone is due by
6:00 PM Thursday, May 30th. ​Late pre-registrations will not be accepted,
and you must register on the day of the show. 


Pre-entries: $12/class FUHC members  |   $15/class non-members
Day of Show Entries: $15/class FUHC members   |   $18 class non-members

**Payment is optional through PayPal at the time of pre-registration, but it is not required. You may pay the day of the show via cash, check, or PayPal.**


Heyser Field (all-weather ring)

3020 Griffith Road

Fairview Village, Pennsylvania 



P.O. Box 162

Fairview Village, PA 19409


Start Time: 

8:30 am 

Rain or Shine


Melissa Hawkins

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Spectators Welcome!

This event is free for all spectators!  Take part in our raffles, for all ages. We hope you'll join us! 


84rd Annual Horse Show Class List

  1. Walk Trot/Jog Equitation

  2. Walk Trot/Jog Pleasure

  3. Walk Trot/Jog Pleasure

  4. Short Stirrup Walk, Trot/Jog

  5. Short Stirrup Walk, T/J, C/L

  6. Short Stirrup Over Cross Rails



  7. Beginner Rider Walk, Trot/Jog

  8. Beginner Rider Walk, T/J, C/L

  9. Beginner Rider Over Fences

  10. Novice Equitation Walk, Trot/Jog

  11. Novice Equitation Walk, T/J, C/L

  12. Novice Equitation Over Fences



  13. Equitation 13 and Under Walk, Trot

  14. Equitation 13 and Under Walk, T/J, C/L

  15. Equitation 13 and Under Over Fences

  16. Equitation 14-17 Walk, Trot

  17. Equitation 14-17 Walk, T/J, C/L

  18. Equitation 14-17 Over Fences

  19. Lead Line Walk

  20. Lead Line Walk, Off Lead

  21. Lead Line Walk, Trot/Jog on Lead

    LUNCH as close to 12:30 as possible

  22. Low Children's Hunter Walk, Trot, Canter

  23. Low Children's Hunter Over Fences

  24. Low Children's Hunter Over Fences

  25. Lesson Mount Walk, Trot

  26. Lesson Mount Walk, Trot/Jog, Canter/Lope

  27. Lesson Mount Over Cross Rails (18")



  28. Pleasure Walk Trot/Jog

  29. Pleasure Walk, T/J, C/L

  30. Pleasure Over Fences

  31. Developing Hunter Walk, Trot

  32. Developing Hunter Walk, Trot, Canter

  33. Developing Hunter Over Cross Rails



  34. Modified Hunter Walk, Trot, Canter

  35. Modified Hunter Over Fences

  36. Modified Hunter Over Fences

  37. Low Adult Equitation Walk, T/Jog

  38. Low Adult Equitation Walk, T/J, C/L

  39. Low Adult Equitation Over Fences



  40. Low Adult Hunter Walk, Trot, Canter

  41. Low Adult Hunter Over Fences

  42. Low Adult Hunter Over Fences

  43. Jack Benny Equitation Walk, Trot/Jog

  44. Jack Benny Equitation Walk, T/J, C/L

Prereg Form


Please choose your classes beow

RELEASE: I understand that this is a high risk sport and I am participating at my own risk. I hereby release and hold harmless the Organizer, Organizing Committee, judges and officials, volunteers, the FUHC, their officers, agents and volunteers, the host and property owners from any and all accidents, damages, injury, loss, or illness to horses, owners, riders, employees, attendants, spectators or any other person or property loss suffered during on/in connection with this event.

You assume the risk of equine activities pursuant to Pennsylvania Law.

Thanks for submitting!

Pre-registration is now open!

Make a Payment

Make a payment using the PayPal Donate button below.
**Payment is optional through PayPal at the time of pre-registration, but it is not required. You may pay day of show via cash, check, or PayPal.**

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


The Farmers’ Union Horse Co, hereafter the Company, reserves the right to cancel any class in which there are insufficient entries, and to divide, consolidate or change the order of classes when thought necessary.  The Company also reserves the right to decline any entry, or to return any entrance fee before the start of the class, without being liable for compensation.  No entry fees will be returned after the class has been closed for judging.  Riders requesting to make payment at the end of the day must leave a signed blank check at the entry booth.


The Company will not be held responsible for any accident that may occur to any person, horses, or property of any person, or persons on the Show Grounds.  The Company will not be responsible for any accident or damages.  The Exhibitor shall hold them harmless and indemnify them against any legal proceedings arising from any accident or damages.


The judge's decision on awards will be final.  Any complaints must be addressed to the Show Steward for review by the Show Committee.  The Committee's decision will be final. 


Any act of discourtesy to the Judge or Exhibitor(s) on the part of the spectators shall result in the removal of those spectators from the grounds.


No person, except the members of the Executive Committee and Officials on duty, will be permitted to enter the ring.


Schooling is permitted in the ring the morning of the show until fifteen minutes before the start of the show and then during controlled schooling breaks as time allows at the discretion of management.


Protective headgear must be worn at all times when mounted.


Absolutely no alcoholic beverages or abuse of horses will be permitted on the show grounds!

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